Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Princess Goes to the Ball

Last night was a VERY exciting night at our house. Daddy and Alayna went to a Daddy-Daughter Dance! Alayna had been looking forward to going on this very special date all week. She got all dressed and we put curls in her hair...daddy even got dressed up for this special night!
Alayna waiting so patiently while I fixed her hair...

So pretty and soooo excited to go get her dress on! Last night was the first time I've ever really seen my little girl truly act like a 'girl'. She even told her dad that with her hair so pretty and curly she couldn't wrestle him!

They had a lot of fun and shared many dances together. Alayna was on Cloud 9 all day and all night...she had a great time! Her favorite dance was the "Chicken Dance"...she even demonstrated the moves when they got home. I pray she always remembers these special times with daddy and won't ever settle for less than a guy that treats her like her dad.

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Joyful Living said...

OH my goodness!!! How adorable! *sigh* I will just live vicariously through you until I have a little girl of my own! I bet that was such a special night for both of them!