Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did I mention Seth makes us laugh??

I will blog all about Family Time a little later, but I wanted to share a funny moment that happened last night. It was one of those moments when you REALLY wish you would have had the video camera rolling. We were in the basement talking about our activity for Family Time. It involved a blind fold (more details later), anyway, Seth saw the blindfold and REALLY wanted to wear it. Dan put it on him and we figured he'd pull it right off...nope...not being able to see at all, he ran like a crazy chicken laughing and then ran smack into the wall and fell on his butt. The poor child, we were all rolling, it was hilarious! Josiah shouted, "We should have had that on video and sent it to Funniest Home Videos"...I think he's right, we would have been at least finalists! :) Anyway, funny family moment...gotta love 'em!

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Shannon Joy said...

That really does sound hilarious Michelle! I agree it would be finalist material!