Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Letter "J"

For obvious reasons, this is Josiah's favorite letter in the alphabet and so he has been wanting to do the letter "J" for a long time...well, last night was the night. :) Our verse this week was...

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me." Matthew 19:14

This week we did Family Time in the basement, I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner, but it worked a lot better. More room to dance and run, more toys for Seth to play with when he's not sitting with us...overall, a better 'location'. Anyway, we started out of these days I'll sacrifice myself and record the rest of my family dancing because a few of you have asked about that. Someone has to be willing to sit out, and though I have AMAZING dance moves, I'm willing volunteer to be the one to record. :)

After dancing we memorized our verse together, some of our favorite ways to say it are...with our noses plugged, like robots, like cowboys/cowgirls and having one person point and we each say a word until we've said the whole verse.

Time for the activity...we decided to play a game called 'Jesus, Satan' (you may know it as 'Red light, Green light'). Josiah runs too fast now so after a couple rounds, he had to crab walk! :) After playing the game a number of rounds we talked about it. Jesus said "Let the little children come to Me"...when we said that, they ran....Satan desires for us to come to him too though...yet, when we said Satan they stopped. It's a choice we have to make everyday, do we run to Jesus or Satan? Do we 'STOP' when we are being tempted by Satan? We talked about what running to Jesus looks like and what things Satan does to try to tempt us. Overall, it was a fun night and we realized the kids understood when Josiah said, "Mom, I think instead of stopping when we hear Satan, we should run the other direction." Excellent point!

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Shannon Joy said...

So cute, Michelle! I love Josiah's comment at the end. Run the other way..good point little man! I hope things are going better with Seth this week! Hang in there-it's totally just a phase! :)