Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Number 3

As I mentioned in an earlier post we celebrate Christmas 4 times each year. We have a great time with family at each Christmas. Our third Christmas was filled with fun, but I only captured a few pictures I realized...I'm bummed because the kids rode horse, made a great snow tunnel and went sledding down a huge hill and being the horrible mother that I am...I captured NONE of that fun on on camera!! BUMMER! Here are a few pictures I did happen to take....maybe at Christmas Number 4 (our final Christmas) I will remember to take more pictures!! :) (as a side note...I had the pics arranged nicely, but for some reason they don't look that way when I publish the blog...argh!)

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Shannon Joy said...

Cute pics, Michelle! It looks like a lot of fun. We have our final Christmas this weekend so we are excited. We will be hosting! I hope to be feeling better soon...can't wait for our next MOPs!