Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday = Family Time

A September Family Time when we went to the park and talked about God's creation and then enjoyed family fun playing in the park.

Wednesday nights are a great time at our house! Every Wednesday night we have Family Time! We started doing this last year, but we weren't very consistent. Having a newborn and trying to plan these for each week was just a bit overwhelming for Dan and I. Starting in September of this year though we decided we wanted to make it a regular event that our family could get excited about each week.

We have done a variety of these already since September, but starting today, my goal will be to tell you our plan for devotions each week. They are meant to be a lot of fun, not strict bible reading time, sit still and don't talk...nope, they are fun times, silly times, yet with a purpose and point that the kids understand and are excited about because we talked about it in a fun way. Before our last family time Dan and I were trying to think of ideas each week...time consuming...however, we are now doing Alphabet Verses that we have in the book I'm reading now, "The Most Important Place On Earth" (hence my blog title).

Every Family Time starts with our family song, "Stand" by Veggie Tales (what can I say, we have young kids), the song is about standing up for what you believe in...our whole purpose in family seemed fitting!

Last week we did, "All we like sheep have gone astray" Isa. 53:6. We played follow the leader...I started and led the family around house doing silly things along the way. The kids thought it was GREAT and J was SUPER excited to of course have his turn leading. He started leading us up the stairs...Dan and I didn't follow...instead we sat in the living room...when he and A came back down and saw us...knowing we didn't participate, they were of course not too happy about that. We talked about which time playing was more fun, why, and then how did they feel when we didn't follow, why...then we memorized our verse using different silly voices.
We talked about the verse and how we all have tried to go our own way and how when we go our own way we aren't following Christ and being good examples for Him. YET, we can be so thankful because Christ died for our sins and chooses to forgive us when we stray and ask Him to help us. Then we had J and A draw a picture of what the verse looks like to them and I drew a big A with the verse below it...we are making our own Alphabet Verse book for our family to have. As a family we pray together and then dance to our song again. It really is a pretty short time...30-60 min. (less if your kids are even younger), but they sure enjoy it and then we play family games together until bedtime. It's fun and we have great quality time together as a family.

Stay tuned and Thursday's I'll share with you what we did for Family Time and how it went...they don't always go perfectly (remember that if you choose to start this with your own family)...our kids are still kids and sometimes our plans don't work as well as we hope, but no matter what happens, we count it as great time spent as a family focusing on what our purpose is as 'train up our children in the way they should go'.

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Angel Larsen said...

I love it! I want to start doing this at our home. I will have to pull out that book again! I will let you know how it goes.


PS I am glad that you are a blogger! Now I can stay up on your family!