Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Camera Finally Found!!!

Alayna got this camera last year for Christmas and she LOVES it. However, a month or so ago she mentioned not being able to find it. I figured it would turn up sometime...but it never did. She is obsessed with filling various purses, backpacks, bags, etc. and so I assumed it would be in one of those somewhere in her room. So a week ago I decided to help her look since it didn't surface on it's own. We looked in her room in every bag and toy bin...NOTHING! We looked a couple times briefly in the basement....NOTHING! I TRY (emphasis on the try, especially after baby #3) to keep things organized and easy to put away and so when things go missing it bugs me. This morning, after mentioning her missing camera again I decided we would start in the basement and look EVERYWHERE all through the house until we found it. The basement is unfinished and so it has become a major play room for the kids, but as I mentioned, I did look briefly down there. This morning....after looking in many toy bins, bags, drawers, under the bed and all around down there...I FOUND IT!!! It was in the "toy camping" bin buried under all their play camping gear!! Hurray!! I was a hero...if only for a brief moment...I was the hero that found her camera!! The paparazzi is back in our house again.

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