Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Swimming Puppy....

This puppy is something that for the last couple months A has talked about wanting. It's not real common for J or A to see something and REALLY want it...they may see something and think it's neat, but 5 min. later they don't really care. This silly puppy however has been talked about by A for at least 2 months...probably more.

She is still not always dry at night and I didn't know if it was her being lazy or if her body really just wasn't there yet, so a month ago I made this puppy her incentive. If she was dry every night for a week she could get the puppy. I figured if it was just laziness, she would work to get the puppy and then I would know she was capable of being dry and if she wasn't able to get the puppy then I would know it was her body that wasn't quite there yet. Anyway, she hasn't gotten her puppy yet.

For the last month she has woken up everyday...nothing...still not dry. She's sad for a little bit and then says, "It's ok mommy, I'll get it tomorrow". I know she's trying...but her body isn't there yet. EVERY TIME we go to Target we stop and 'visit' the swimming puppy that she really wants. She always asks just to go see it. It's quite sweet because she knows I won't buy it, she just wants to know it's still there. Today we went to Target and of course we needed to 'visit' the swimming puppy again...they were sold out. She was SO sad! She sat in the cart and quitely cried (not throwing a fit, just genuinely sad) and when I asked her why she was crying she said, " I will never be able to get my swimming puppy". Sadness! Anyway, Dan and I decided a week or so ago that because she has been trying so hard and because this is really the only thing she has ever asked to get...J and I bought one last week for her to have for Christmas. Even J is excited for her to have one because he knows how badly she wants one. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens it up!


Shannon Joy said...

Michelle- This is such a sweet little story about A. I was almost in tears thinking of her sitting in that cart crying. I think she has totally earned the puppy just by trying. What a great way to figure out if she is or is not capable of this challenge right now. I can imagine her face on Christmas when she opens it! :)

Lindsay said...

I love it - and I love it when the kids are old enough to be able to tell us what they are interested in. El's not QUITE there yet, although she has said several times how much she would really love some more Color Wonder paper. LOL. It's the little things I guess. You better get your camera ready for when she opens that - that'll be priceless....and probably bring tears to your eyes!