Monday, December 15, 2008

Digging Out After The Storm

These pictures include: My husband ready to brave the cold! The view looking up our street. Our house, which was spared much snow. The view looking down our street. Our front door.

Our house was positioned just right for this storm...our driveway wasn't covered and deep like most of our neighbors. Once the plow goes through and cleans out our DEEP street, the end of our driveway will be HORRIBLE! Oh well, it's gotta be done. Anyway, it was a great weekend of staying inside, watching movies, reading books, playing Wii, and being thankful for our warm house that keeps the cold out! Now it's time to begin digging out!

Side Note: Our street is about 2' deep with drifts as high as 4-5'. Our neighbor walked outside and lost her shoe in the street because it got stuck in the snow...with the wind blowing covering things up in seconds she wasn't able to find it back. Her husband and Dan worked to find it this morning, but no success. The sun is shining, but the temp. is only about -14 degrees with a wind chilll of -35 and it's not going to get any warmer today. It's a memory maker!


Heather said...

So I guess I can think of one good reason why we don't live in Fargo anymore...I sure don't miss the winds and I know Shane doesn't miss the drifts. : )

Lindsay said...

Isn't it lovely??? Jeff started SHOVELING this morning until the neighbor came over and told him we had it worse than any of the rest of them and that he'd never get he let Jeff use his snow blower! So, now my hubby, who DIDN'T WANT a FREE snowblower, has given in and actually REMEMBERED what it's like to live here. I think he had a brief memory loss....a FIVE YEAR memory loss, that is. :-)